Janet Kotwas

Phone  813-727-6481

A little bit about me…

I’m proud to be from the country! I love the mountains, camping, summer nights, good beer, California red wine, tubing, simple days working outside, and just being at the lake with family. I’m a Gemini, have lots of energy and am a loyal friend.

I photograph people.  To me pure, genuine moments are the foundation of a timeless photo.  I encompass this theory into my photographs because I always want emotion to tell the story. Celebrating life and capturing these special moments in a photograph, that’s what you can expect from my photography.

I’ve always wanted to: live in Alaska, ride a mechanical bull, take 3 months off and travel all over Europe (with my amazing boyfriend), raft the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, go to Australia, and get married on a mountain top.

I am an award winning and published photojournalist based in Kodiak, Alaska and the Western Slope of Colorado.  I studied Professional Photography at Colorado Mountain College and have been actively working as a Freelance Photographer since 2006.

I’m deathly afraid of bees and sharks, any kind. I also don’t like peanut butter and chocolate mixed together, it’s weird I know.

I am inspired by selfless humanitarianism and photojournalists from the early days of photography who visually changed the world. These photographers utilized true talent and ambition to make beautiful photographs, not technology.  I too believe in these principles.

Although we (the boyfriend and I) travel all over the country for work, we always make it home to be with our friends and family. Home to us is where they are.

You may not always know when you’re going to meet a good friend, but you always know when you’ve found one.  I’ve been fortunate to find a small handful of friends who are like family.

I photograph many different subjects but my journalistic style remains consistent. It’s important to get to know your photographer and their style, I’m always here to answer questions so please call or email me anytime so we can grab a cup of coffee and chat!

Volunteering is extremely important to me!!  I have been involved with a variety of accredited non-profit organizations and am fortunate for each opportunity. Here’s the growing list, please click on the organization name to learn more about the group and how to become involved.  If you have a non-profit event or volunteer project you need photographed call or email me anytime:

Project Healing Waters – Fly Fishing, Kodiak, Alaska

Pearl Harbor Survivor Association, Carnation Chapter 3, San Diego, California

US Navy, USS Dubuque, San Diego, California

Family Assistance Ministries, San Clemente, California

Gilchrist House, San Clemente, California

A Warrior’s Wish Foundation, Buffalo, New York

Patriot Walk Across America

Orange Beach United Methodist Church, Orange Beach, Alabama

Amnesty International, NY, NY

Riverside Church, NY, NY

High Country RSVP Senior Volunteers, Glenwood Springs, Colorado